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The Studio

The Studio is a boutique fitness studio by Jaclyn Genovese, an interior designer and founder ofSpaces by Jacflash. Some might rememberher store that used to be on West Queen Westnear the Drake.

The Studio is designed to be a holistic fitness centre where rugged athleticism meets mindful conditioning.

the studio torontoThe space is outfitted with exposed brick, lush plants, cacti and white interiors to provide a comfortable and fun workout experience for people ready to leave their homes and get back into a group fitness setting.

the studio torontoThe gym, which is located at the back ofThe Collective, a coworking space for designers and architects, is a reflection of the type of gym that is suited for today's needs: compact in size but big enough to fit seven-10 people spaced out.

the studio torontoBecause it's at the back of a building, the space has plenty of ventilation and air that comes in from the open garage door which provides a nice, gentle breeze when you're working out.

the studio torontoThe Collective Workspace is a members only workspace, but you do not need to be a member to join the classes.

the studio torontoThe Studio initially opened its doors February 2021 when it seemed that small businesses might be able to re-open, only to have to shut its doors a few days later.

After running her fitness and wellness community, Fitness by JacFlash, as a passion project for three years, Genovese felt that it was an organic transition to turn that passion into a fitness studio, combining her interior design expertise with her wellness community and opening The Studio.

the studio torontoThe Studio offers HIIT and strength-based fitness classes, mobility classes, body confidence dance classes, yoga, prenatal and postnatal classes and more customized classes like "DIY" and wellness classes which include a botany class, skincare lessons and mom and baby classes.

the studio torontoIf clients have a small group of four or more, they can book private and customized small group classes with one of The Studio's trainers.

The Studio has an impressive new collection of workout props with top-rated cardio and training equipment.

the studio torontoWhile it was hard to find fitness equipment due to low inventory, Genovese was able to use her connections to broker deals and find the best equipment for her students.

Gym equipment includes two racks of barbells, various kettlebells, slam balls, two TRX ropes, a manual treadmill and more.

the studio torontoThere are custom Plyo boxes which are typically black, but were reupholstered in white to match the aesthetic of the gym.

the studio torontoThe centrepiece of the gym is The Smith machine, a heavy duty, all-in-one fitness machine where you can do squats, pull-ups, ab workouts and more. There's also an Air Skier which stimulates skiing and whichDrakeis a fan of.

My favourite - and by the far the most comfortable - are the cork yoga mats which are meant to be more eco-friendly and naturally antimicrobial.

the studio torontoThe cork mats, cork rollers and real succulents give the place a more organic, fresh feel in 700-square-foot space which Genovese has managed to do a lot with by installing greenery, real succulent plants, and white walls to make it inviting and comfortable.

the studio torontoThe gym is set up so that during small group classes, each person gets their own stations, with the trainer walking around to correct form and provide instruction.

There's also a small green turf that winds the length of the gym and provides an option to use gliders and a Sled. The green turf is where you'll be doing Battle Ropes, the deceptively simple exercise tool.

the studio torontoClasses include Full Body Strength, Upper Body Tone, Booty Tone, Arms, Abs and Flow, and a Self Love yoga class which is a gentle flow meant to open up the body focusing on mindful breathing, turning the class into a moving meditation and described as the perfect way to bring gentle self love into your day.

the studio torontoBoxFit是a new addition, a tough but fun 60-minute workout that integrates HIIT, cardio and boxing for high intensity conditioning. There’s no experience required for this class, and beginners to advanced are encouraged to try the class.

the studio torontoThe Studio has nine trainers who have experience in Crossfit, kinesiology and specialized Mom/Prenatal yoga training. The Studio is a safe community space meant for every level of fitness.

the studio torontoA single class is $40, 5 sessions are $175, and 10 sessions are $300.

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